Team Building


What is DISC?

A company or ministry is simply a team in pursuit of a common goal, and every team must work together to succeed. But working together is hard. That’s why companies and ministries often fall apart or fail to meet their true potential. The key to success is knowing the individuals that together comprise your team, getting them on the same page, and deriving the best from each one. That, in a word, is team building.

How do you get there?

The DISC profile is one of the best available tools for building a healthy, productive, high-performing team. If you are a part of a company, read more here about the DISC profile and how it will transform your staff. If you are part of a ministry, read more here about the Biblical DISC for your team.

Where do I start?

Allow Bob to bring the DISC profile to you, your team, or a potential hire by clicking the Contact tab and filling out the form with "DISC" (or "Biblical DISC") as the subject.